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A relatively new development

"Why worry? It worked well for hundreds of years, despite all the other prophets of doom in the past ..." I hear people say. But the fact is, only since a couple of decades we are living unsustainable, and we are accelerating exponentially ...

World's wildlife has declined by 27 percent between 1970 and 2005

Guatemala: 2 percent of the original frontier forst survived, until 1990

Over the past 35 years Earth's wildlife declined by a third

Within 50 years 90 percent of all large fishes have disappeared

In the last century, half of the world's marshes and mangroves lost

Biodiversity in the Jordan has been cut in half since the 1930s

Argentina: nearly 70 percent of its forests lost in a century

Tigers in the wild reduced by 95 percent in just 100 years

35 percent of mangroves destroyed within the last 20 years

Demand on the planet more than doubled over the past 45 years

Four times as much fish "mining" as 50 years ago

North Atlantic holds less than 20 percent of the fish it held in 1900

Since the latter part of the 20th century 90 percent of tunas, swordfish, marlin, sharks lost